The Best ATVs for 10-Year-Olds: 4 Great Options

Introducing a child to the world of off-roading is exciting, but comes with its own set of questions and considerations. When your kid finally hits ten years, you’ll be wondering what the best ATV will be for them to use. 

Buying the wrong ATV can be potentially dangerous to a young rider so picking the right model is extremely important. To give children an option suitable for their size and level of experience, many brands offer youth models for various age groups. 

To help you figure out which ATV to consider, we’ve done the research for you. So stick around and read on to learn everything you need to get the best ATV for a 10-year-old.

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What To Look For In A Youth ATV

Before setting off into describing specific models of youth ATVs, first, it is important to have an idea of which qualities you should be looking for. Generally, youth ATVs are designed with simplicity in mind, so as a result there is not too much variety in options found on one of these models. 

But that is not to say there are no important variables to keep track of when you make your purchase. You want all of the features of the ATV to allow the child to feel comfortable and safe as they ride. Here are some things that you should look for to help assure your ATV choice is appropriate: 

  • Age appropriate size
  • Not too heavy 
  • Appropriate power level (110cc or less)
  • Comfortable ergonomics 

All in all the most important thing to look for is an option that the rider can handle responsibly. It is not a good idea to buy an ATV with the intention that they grow into it, as this can easily result in an accident. Children should only be allowed on youth models they can handle, should always be under supervision, and should never be allowed on a full-sized model. 

Razor Dirt Quad

Now that we’ve gotten some basic warnings and guidelines out of the way, it’s time to delve into some options, starting with the Razor Dirt Quad! This battery-powered quad looks like so much fun, I wish I was ten again to ride one myself! 

The Razor Dirt Quad is listed as being suitable for children between the ages of six and twelve, so it should be perfect for most ten-year-old kids. This quad features a 24-volt power system consisting of two 12-volt batteries. The charge will give riders around 40 minutes of fun, after which it will need to be charged for around 15 hours. 

One of the best things to know about this ATV is that it is capable of reaching around 10mph, a good speed for a youth model. But it also comes with disc brakes to assure your child can brake reliably. This quad is small and best for riding in yards but should be rugged enough to take to gravel, sand, or snow. 

Getting a Razor Dirt Quad will likely run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $400, a great price for a quad with so many great qualities. 

X-Pro 40cc Kids ATV

Looking for the lowest engine size for your little one? The X-Pro has you covered, especially if you are looking for an option for a child with a smaller frame or are in need of very light power. The X-Pro is a 40cc, 4-stroke ATV with a chain transmission, so shifting between gears is not needed to ride this youth ATV. 

This option also comes with a reliable front and rear disc braking system for accurate and precise braking. The ATV also provides the rider with a kill switch, located on the handlebars. This allows the rider to easily shut the ATV off at any point without hassle. 

One downside you might find with this model is that the engine starts using a pull starter that you may need more strength than your child is capable of putting out. Because of this, you may find yourself starting it up for them anytime they want to ride. 

Getting your hands on an X-Pro 40cc will likely cost somewhere around $400 or less.

Honda TRX90X

For a little more power (90ccs to be exact!) The Honda TRX90X may well be the best in its class. This ATV is capable of taking to more rugged terrain, like light trails and even trips through mud. That means this may be a more appropriate option for riders capable of handling a little more “oomph.”

The TRX90X comes with a 4-stroke engine and a 1.7-liter fuel capacity, making it a more serious vehicle than some of its battery-powered counterparts. This ATV also comes with an easy electric start, reducing the hassle of setting up. This ATV weighs 151 pounds with a seat height of 26 inches, making it average for children at 10 years of age. 

We are big fans of this one, however, one caveat is that you will have to pay more for one of these than you would for the others listed here. To get one, you’ll likely spend at least $2,800. While this is comparatively a steep price, you get what you pay for as this model is known to be high-quality.

ATA-110B1 TaoTao

If safety is the primary concern, then this ATV delivers. This quad is well-suited to most children around the age of ten and should be a great way for newer riders to learn the ropes. And parents/supervisors can rest easy as the TaoTao has a feature allowing you to place a speed cap while they are riding. 

The TaoTao operates with a gas engine, providing just the right amount of power to keep young riders engaged without becoming overwhelming. One other useful feature included in the TaoTao is it’s electric startup allowing young riders to start the ATV up without problems. 

The TaoTao really is a great option for a 10-year-old rider for its generally well-thought-out design, safety features, handling, and age-appropriate power level. To get a TaoTao, you will likely spend something between $500 and $800, a great price for an ATV. 


Youth ATVs are much different than full-sized, physically, mechanically, and even in their intended use. Youth ATVs are not only the best way to introduce a new rider to the world of ATVs, they are the only safe way to let a child ride. 

When you’re shopping around for a 10-year-old’s youth ATV, what will you buy?   

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