Honda CRF110F: Top Speed & Specs

Honda CRF110F: Top Speed & Specs

Honda is an all time classic when it comes to providing top-quality automobiles for the masses. Their CRF110F motocross line provides that same quality to a new audience.

With an estimated top speed of about 55 mph, the Honda CRF110F’s 109cc single cylinder engine is designed to be fun for all ages. And with their 4 speed transmission with automatic clutch, they are made to be adventurous and accessible. 

2022 Honda CRF110F Key Specifications

Type109.2cc air-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve TrainSOHC; 2 valves
Bore x Stroke50.0 mm x 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio9.0:1
InductionFuel-injection system; 19 mm throttle bore
IgnitionFull transistorized
StarterPush-button electric starter / kick
TransmissionConstant-mesh 4-speed return; semi-auto

How The Honda CRF110F Stacks Up

The Honda CRF110F is an off-road / enduro motorcycle. This model has a single cylinder, four-stroke motor. The engine can generate a maximum of 8.85 Nm (0.9 kgf-m or 6.5 ft.lbs) of torque at 3500 RPM and 7.17 HP (5.2 kW) of peak output power at 7500 RPM.

The maximum top speed that the Honda CRF110F can achieve with this drive-train is about 55 mph. The Honda CRF110F’s chassis features (which are in charge of road holding, handling behavior, and ride comfort) include a frame with a 31.0mm telescopic fork up front and a single-shock in back. The front’s stock tire size is 70/100-14, and the rear’s is 80/100-12.

The CRF110F is the most popular dirt bike in the market because of its approachable design, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional dependability. Young riders can concentrate on the trail ahead thanks to the automatic clutch, low seat height, and push-button electric start of this bike. 

The CRF110F has a clean-running Keihin fuel-injection system, is year-round off-road legal in 50 states, and delivers smooth, controllable power. The CRF110F continues the heritage of dependability and little maintenance, building on Honda’s reputation for dependable four-stroke trail motorcycles. This means more time to spend enjoying the trails with family and friends. The CRF110F is offered in one color: the customary Red.

Honda CRF110F Top Features

  • Low seat height
  • Simple to ride and master
  • No learning the clutch
  • Reliable
  • Kickstarter with electric start and backup.
  • (2019+) Fuel injection
  • Easy to maintain and work on
  • Have staying power

The Go-To For Younger Riders

The Honda CRF100F is a 110cc 4-stroke trail bike with air cooling. It lacks a clutch but features a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission that allows you to change ratios.

It replaced the children’s CRF70-sized dirt bike. Despite having more power, it is essentially the same size. It’s a fairly straightforward and dependable bike designed for people learning to ride. 

Depending on your height, it’s a nice motocross dirt bike for kids between the ages of 7 and 11. It’s a perfect size motocross bike if you’re between 4’0″ and 4’6″ tall, with a seat height of 25.9 inches. Additionally, it’s the most common size motocrosser used by adults as pit bikes. 110cc is the ideal size pit bike for us adults, which is why pit bike racing classes for 110cc dirt bikes exist.

Overall, you shouldn’t be concerned about this bike giving you any issues. Because of its simplicity and low performance, it is quite dependable. With routine maintenance, the engine will endure for many years, and the rest of the bike is sturdy as long as you don’t abuse it. You’ll break down sooner rather than later if you jump the CRF110F without checking the oil, air filter, or chain tension.

The CRF110F is designed for a rider weighing between 60 and 100 pounds, while there is no official weight limit. It will be quite soft if you weigh more than that. You’re going to require some suspension improvements if you plan to race or ride hard. So that you don’t bottom out the travel and crash or damage the bike, stronger forks and shocks are recommended.

Honda CRF110F Detailed Specifications

What does “109cc air-cooled 4 stroke engine” actually mean? Even though it only has 6 horsepower, it offers an incredibly smooth ride, which makes it very simple for beginners to control. Less power is usually preferable while you’re beginning to ride or just looking to have fun because you can concentrate on riding rather than trying to manage the sudden jolt of force. 

It won’t likely overheat because it has an air-cooled engine, and it is also known to be quite dependable. You can keep one of these bikes running for many years if you remember to keep up with regular maintenance before each ride.

The suspension is extremely simple because it’s a low-cost entry-level motocross bike, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It works well for the intended function and is smooth and comfortable for novices.

If you weigh over 120lbs and ride one of these you’ll find the suspension to feel soft. At low speeds riding on trails will provide a comfortable ride but as you increase your speed the ride will become rougher.

Honda CRF110F Things to Know

The majority of sources claim that the Honda CRF110F is primarily manufactured in China, even though Honda is a Japanese company. However, this does not imply that it is of inferior quality. They are still made with durability and high-quality materials that uphold Honda’s high standard for quality assurance.

The Honda CRF110F has a new pricing of $2499 MSRP. After fees, charges, and taxes, you’ll likely pay a few hundred more at the time of purchase. They could be difficult to locate in your local market according to reports. This price may vary even greater if you are in a market with low stock.

Honda CRF110F Engine and Transmission

Type109.2cc air-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve TrainSOHC; 2 valves
Bore x Stroke50.0 mm x 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio9.0:1
InductionFuel-injection system; 19 mm throttle bore
IgnitionFull transistorized
StarterPush-button electric starter / kick
TransmissionConstant-mesh 4-speed return; semi-auto

Honda CRF110F Suspension, Brakes, and Tires

Front Suspension31.0mm telescopic fork; 3.9 inches of travel
Rear SuspensionSingle-Shock;3.8 inches of travel
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Front Tire70/100-14
Rear Tire80/100-12

Honda CRF110F Dimension and Weight

Rake (Caster Angle)25 Degrees 10’
Trail53mm (2.0 inches)
Wheelbase41.9 inches
Seat Height25.9 inches
Curb Weight170 pounds (Including all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel: ready to ride)

Honda CRF110F Fuel Capacity and Ground Clearance

Fuel Capacity1.0 Gallon
Ground Clearance6.7 inches


The Honda CRF110F is a terrific single-cylinder motocross bike made to be accessible, fun, and exciting for people of all ages. Made specifically for kids looking to get into motocrossing, but also serving as a fun and reliable machine for adults interested in put racing, this Japanese-designed vehicle is nothing short of a treat. If you are in the market for a small, sturdy, and easy-to-use motocross bike that is capable of performing well on paved roads as well as dirt trails, look no further than the Honda CRF110F.

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