Kawasaki KX100: Top Speed & Specs

Kawasaki KX100: Top Speed & Specs

The Kawasaki KX100 is the brand’s self proclaimed “bridge to greatness”, acting as their bridge for aspiring bikers to break into using full-size models. Interested in learning its top speed and some specs? 

Coming with a 99c engine, this two stroke mini gives riders a great mixture of durability and power proportionate to the sizing of this small, yet mighty machine. The top speed for a stock KX100 is somewhere in the area of 55-60mph depending on conditions. 

Are you interested in learning more about one of these bikes? Then read further below where we will cover top speeds, the bike specs, who this bike will be good for, and more!

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Kawasaki KX100 Background

The Kawasaki Kx100 is a small motorcycle produced between 1995 and 2019. This bike was designed with the intention of bridging the gap between the smallest classes of off road bikes with more intermediate options, a job most people agree they managed to pull off pretty well.

This bike provides good power for its size, enough to give the rider a taste of what it means to ride a more ‘serious’ bike than smaller options like the KX85, without providing the potentially overwhelming power of a higher CC bike. 

The engine of the KX100 is a liquid-cooled two stroke, complete with a six-speed transmission. This bike will give a new rider everything they need to bike with confidence without supplying too much to handle. 

Kawasaki KX100 Engine

The Kawasaki KX100 is powered by a 99cc liquid-cooled engine. This engine is appropriately powered as a bridge between lower power bikes and sport bikes by providing enough power to pull off jumps and efficient acceleration, without overwhelming younger riders. 

This engine also includes a KIPS (Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System), replacing the need for an old school reed valve system. This system helps to improve low and high RPM power so this bike can pull enough power to swing with the big boys. 

Kawasaki KX100 Suspension

Second to the engine, suspension is arguably one of the most important considerations to make in a bike. The style of suspension will not only determine your comfort while riding, but will also have the most bearing on how your bike will react to different conditions off-road. 

The KX100 comes with a 36mm fork that allows for a great amount of adjustment and modification. In the rear of the KX100 is Kawasaki’s Uni-Trak suspension system to provide powerful shock absorption for jumps. 

Most riders will find the stock suspension of the KX100 to be appropriately plush and comfortable for riding, while still being capable of maintaining stability on bumpier terrain. This feel is great for the bike’s intended purpose as an introduction to the feel of a sport bike. 

Kawasaki KX100 Brakes

When riding, it’s certain that one thing you would like to be completely sure of is that your brakes are in working order. There’s few scenarios I can think of that compare to the level of undesirability that finding out one’s brakes are nonfunctional would bring. To avoid this, finding a bike with reliable brakes is a good idea. 

The KX100 comes with a reliable set of petal brake rotors in the front and back, the front holding a 220mm version and the back a 184mm variety. This brake pedal design offers well-controlled, consistent braking with a firm and well-tuned feel. 

Kawasaki KX100 Handling

If you are looking for a bike that can go fast, and still handle turns, then this bike is a great choice for its class. This allows for fast and precise trail riding, which the KX100 proves to be more than adept at tackling with ease. 

The KX100 is also known to have pretty forgiving handling, an especially important feature to have when riding on tight trails, or when trying to maintain high speeds through turns. 

How Big Is A Kawasaki KX100?

The Kawasaki KX100 is considered a mini bike, but how small is it exactly? True to its name, Kawasaki KX100s pack a lot of power into a very small size. The specs for the size of a Kawasaki KX100 are as follows:

  • Length: 75.59 inches 
  • Width: 30.12 inches
  • Height: 45.31 Inches 

The seat height of the KX100 is 34.29 inches, putting it right at the average height for the majority of sport bikes. While the only way to determine whether a bike is the right size is to take it for a test drive, this bike should be a good height between around 5 and a half to 6 feet or so. 

The fairly tame seat height of this bike should make it accessible to the majority of riders. Young riders in particular should feel comfortable on it, so long as they are within a reasonable height range. 

Kawasaki KX100 Top Speed

 A common theme you will likely come across when searching for information on the KX100 is surprise at its speed. For an entry level bike, most are not expecting much in terms of engine power, but this thing is more than capable of winning some races! 

The top speed for this bike is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-70mph. While this isn’t by any means the fastest bike available, for the price point, CCs, and weight of the bike, this speed will feel pretty impressive when you take to the trails. 

Your potential max speed will vary depending on various road factors like wind, pavement condition, altitude, your tires, maintenance, and more. That being said, you may be able to push beyond 70mph, depending on conditions and mods. 

Kawasaki KX100 Common Issues

With good maintenance, your KX100 should rarely run into issues. However, that doesn’t mean this bike will not come with its own quirks, and some issues commonly found in bikes of all types. 


If you find your bike is beginning to lack power, or is no longer running as well as it used to, there is a chance the bike’s KIPS power valve is to blame. The KIPS system is a benefit in the sense that it helps to increase the overall efficiency of the bike, but unfortunately, this feature may contribute to some maintenance time. 

The powervalve’s design allows it to get gunked up with mud, carbon, and general sludge fairly easily, making this feature a potential problem area for maintenance. To avoid issues, check and clean the powervalve frequently so it is free from debris. 

Problems Starting Up

Like most bikes, if you don’t use your KX100 frequently, or leave it alone for a season, there may be some difficulties in starting it up again. Sometimes it can even be hard to keep it running after successfully starting it. This issue can be caused by lots of things, but luckily most of the causes can be fixed without too much trouble. 

One issue could be the carburetor. The most likely solution is to clean the carb yourself, and then reinstall it. It may also be necessary to replace the carb entirely, but this may be worth it, as a fresh carburetor can aid in the overall efficiency of the bike. 

Difficulties starting up can also possibly be caused by issues with your battery. When left for long periods, the battery has a tendency to run out,  so it is also worth checking to make sure that your bike has a good charge left in the battery.

Your bike could also have a loose spark plug wire, so try to verify that it is correctly plugged in. Another thing to consider is that the bike may simply be out of fuel, don’t forget to check this before going into more technical fixes!

Who Is The KX100 For?

The KX100 is a bike designed to bridge younger teenage bikers into a higher CC than they could have handled at a younger age. The designs, and power level of the bike are made so in a way for the bike to be approachable, but still useful learning tools for younger bikers. 

The KX100 should be suitable for most riders above 10 years old, so long as they can sit comfortably on the bike. The setup of the bike should prove to be user friendly, and the plush suspension is very forgiving for new riders. 

But because of the speed and power of the bike, even older riders with more experience can have a fun time riding this great little bike. Some even claim it is able to keep up with their supposedly higher caliber models, another win for the KX100!

Is The KX100 A Good Bike?

The answer to this question will, of course, depend on your needs. Some riders may prefer a high CC bike with lots of power, and others might prefer a high horsepower option that is comfortable for longer rides on the trail. The KX100 does a great job at providing its own benefits. 

Lots of users claim this as an exceptionally fun bike that seems nearly impervious to damage. The top speeds, along with its high torque and surprising acceleration make this bike good for riders both new and experienced. If you like a speedy and reliable bike, then yes, this is a good one! 


The Kx100 is a bike designed to bridge young teenagers into practicing on a more serious and powerful kind of bike. This bike delivers this learning platform, and with lots of room to grow. Known for its ferocious speed, and great reliability, the KX100 more than fills its duties, proving to be a great bike that you will want to keep in your garage for years to come. 

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