The Best Off-Road Trails in Wyoming For ATVs and Jeeps

The Best Off-Road Trails in Wyoming For ATVs and Jeeps

Wyoming is pretty far down the list for fun when most people think about their next excursion. The notion that no excitement exists in this little-known state couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you believe Wyoming is just a backdrop for Clint Eastwood classics.

Are you looking for a hidden gem of off-roading bliss? Don’t leave the “Cowboy State” off of your list. Wyoming has a deep trail system waiting for you to take on the challenge. 

Here are some of Wyoming’s best off-road trails and how they can quench your thirst for adventure.

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Murphy Squaw ATV Trail

Wyoming is much more than its stereotyped image of drab dust and tumbleweeds. You’ll discover this upon your visit to the Murphy Squaw ATV Trail. Surrounded by lively forests and awe-inspiring mountains, you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit this trail system sooner.

You’ll want to note one point of interest near the Grey’s River bridge, as you can take in spectacular views from this area. 

You also have options if you stay in the area for a few days. Murphy’s Squaw has several camping areas for you to enjoy. If you want to camp in luxury, you can make a reservation at Deer Creek Cabin, but there are plenty of primitive campsites around if you want to rough it under the stars.

North Shadow Mountain ATV Trail System

This park has a Long Name, but it’s also long on fun. The North Shadow Mountain ATV Trail system gives you over 10 miles of beautiful views as you ride.

Poison Spider OHV Area

Although the name sounds scary, don’t let that spook you off from this magnificent park. Here you can ride by spectacular rock formations and steep hills. It’s safe to say that you’ll love bringing your Jeep to this trail system. 

There’s also rocky terrain, with several mud pits mixed in for when you want to get down and dirty throughout your ride.

Raspberry Ridge ATV Trail

If you want to take in some unforgettable mountain views, Raspberry Ridge ATV Trail should be one of the first stops on your journey. 

Although your ATV is welcome at this location, you’ll have to leave the Jeep behind here, and it’s crucial that you stay on the designated trails as venturing off is prohibited.

Horsetail Creek Trail

When you visit this park that winds past oil and gas fields live on the wild side. Horsetail Creek Trail greets you with challenging climbs, pulse-pounding descents, and hair-raising twists and turns throughout your ride. 

When you’ve caught your breath from all the action, check out the spectacular mountain views from the top, as you will be able to observe the landscape in its entirety. One thing to note is the small window for the park’s riding season that runs from July to September. 

So if you’re interested in trying to conquer this beast, go quickly while you still have time.

Killpecker Sand Dunes

This enormous 11,000-acre playground is a can’t-miss destination on your off-roading tour. You’ll see some of the most intimidating dunes in this area, including some behemoths that reach heights over 100 feet.

You can also ride past some ancient rock formations that help tell Wyoming’s story.

Don’t be surprised if you hear sounds that resemble singing on the dunes. Killpecker Sand Dunes have a unique round shape, making them ideal for making this peculiar sound when a layer of sand slips off the top.

Beginners can still have a blast at this park because there are many flat areas to practice before putting their skills to the test.

Other exclusive features of this area include 

  • Spires
  • Buttes
  • Hills
  • And mountains

White Mountain

Feel free to bring the Jeep here for this trip. White Mountain is open all year long, giving you ample time to check out the rugged terrain and take on steep, dusty climbs that will have you holding on for dear life. 

Once you reach the top, you’ll learn that White Mountain is another option in Wyoming that gives you spectacular views of the horizon and landscape below.

Make sure your tires are thick enough to handle the jagged rocks, as you may have a tough time climbing up the hills with the wrong wheels.

Boulder Park

Boulder Park is an epic adventure spanning the Bighorn National Forest. If you love scenery-packed experiences, you’ll want to book a ride in Boulder Park. Some of the highlights of Boulder Park include the following: 

  • Mountain ranges
  • Pine trees
  • Teeming bodies of water
  • Rugged climbs

Also, the park has campgrounds scattered about, so you can complete your outdoor excursion with a night under the stars.

One thing to be mindful of is the park’s vehicle size regulations, as vehicles more significant than 50 aren’t permitted to ride through specific trails.

Mccullough Peaks

Grab your lasso when you book your trip to Mccullough Peaks because wild horses roam everywhere throughout these lands. This area puts you under the wide-open Wyoming sky as you embrace the massive 150-mile radius. 

You’ll squeal with joy (or terror) while you run through narrow cliffs and weave your way around rough terrain.

Be careful, though. Some riders have reported sinkholes in the area. There is potential for you to ride past or ride into one.

North Piney Meadows ATV Trails

North Piney Meadows ATV Trails are a rocky experience—-and we mean that in the best possible way. The trails here are lined with big sharp rocks that make crawling your vehicle on these trails a blast. 

You’ll have 20 miles of trails to roam through, so it’s possible to spend the day here and still not have seen everything.

But, you may want to sit this one out if you’re afraid of heights because the views of the landscape can be overwhelming to some.

Nowater OHV Area

Don’t let its isolated location fool you. This trail system has plenty for you to do. The Nowater OHV Area is full of harrowing climbs for you to conquer. If you’re looking for more excursions to add to your experience, take full advantage of the 160-mile area that includes gas and oil fields throughout the landscape.

If you still need more adventure after your ride, taking a dip in the world’s largest mineral hot springs will help satisfy your cravings for a good time.

Slate Creek and Dry Dallas OHV Trail System

This area is another option for those who would instead use their ATV to take the scenic route. You’ll want to drive slowly through this area because the astonishing scenery creates a magical experience. Much of the ground on the trail system is smooth, adding to a grand adventure you won’t soon forget.

Beautiful forests and lively valleys help add to the enchanting ride. The area is also home to wildlife like Elk, which are hard to find anywhere else.

The area is also home to Grizzly Bears, so use caution as you ride. 

Take plenty of pictures during this excursion, as this is one you’ll want to have proof of and remember forever.

Weston Hills ATV Trails

Much of the terrain in Wyoming best serve riders with some experience. But the Weston Hills ATV trails are the perfect spot for beginners to hone their skills. The landscape consists mainly of gravel, making for a smooth ride as you gaze at the many trees in the area. 

If you love wildlife, this area has an abundance of it, as some of the animals throughout the landscape include

  • Eagles
  • Antelope
  • Elk 
  • Turkey
  • And Mule Deer

Also, the children’s play area and primitive camping sites help make the Weston Hills ATV trails an experience the whole family can enjoy. 

Make sure you go before hunting season begins from mid-September through October.

North Shadow Mountain OHV Trail System

Before attempting these trails, you’ll need to experience riding because getting lost can be easy here. The thick dazzling forests are among the first things you’ll notice about these grounds. These woods stretch for 11 miles before leading you to stunning mountain views. 

Should you need a break from the sun, the thick wood creates plenty of shade for your expedition.

You’ll want to hit these trails before it gets cold because they close for the winter season.

Red Lake Motorized Recreation Area

Both your Jeep and ATV are welcome at this location. With over 3,000 acres to play with, hauling them both along may be worth it. You’ll love overlooking the perfectly carved landscape as you roll through.

One of this park’s best features is it’s available year-round, allowing you to step away to connect with nature when needed.


The state of Wyoming is an outdoor utopia that most people can easily miss. The landscape includes amazing wildlife and stunning scenery, making for unforgettable outdoor adventures that you’ll never forget.

Although many people have misconceptions about life in Wyoming, the best way to discover the enchanting experiences that await you is to go on the hunt for them.

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