The Best Off-Road Trails in Vermont For ATVs and Jeeps

The Best Off-Road Trails in Vermont For ATVs and Jeeps

Vermont is known for its beautiful forests and diverse land but has not yet become a state well-known for its off-roading scene. Want to know what the best off-road trails are in Vermont for your ATV and Jeep needs? 

Vermont is home to diverse landscapes and varying terrains, allowing off-roaders of all different experience levels access to high-quality trail time. And with the various mountains Vermont is known for, there is no lack of opportunities for pushing up hills. 

Despite its beautiful outdoor spaces and the wild land that dots the areas surrounding Vermont’s many hamlets, finding good-quality, legally accessible trails can be somewhat difficult in Vermont. But as a service to all who are interested, we’ve collected the best of the best! Read further below for more information on the best off-road trails in Vermont! 

The Best Off-Road Trails In Vermont Overview

If you are living in Vermont and in need of a good trail, you’ve come to the right place. Vermont is well known for its beautiful green forests, and impressive mountain ranges. Listed below are our favorite trails for off-roading on ATVs and Jeeps: 

  • Big Hollow Road
  • Lowell Mountain Bayley-Hazen Military Road 
  • Patterson Brook Road Fire Service 50
  • Stock Bridge Road To Woodstock 
  • Woodbury Mountain Road 
  • Jack Pines Pirates Trail System 
  • Green Mountain National Forest Trails 
  • Hinesburg Town Forest
  • Lincoln Gap Road
  • Molly Stark Scenic Trail 
  • Killington Mountain

Big Hollow Road

This trail is accessible by high clearance 4X4 vehicles and SUVs. The trail runs the distance of 6 miles through the lush, green forests that Vermont is known for. This trail is rated as moderate and will give a decent challenge for off-roaders with its mixture of small obstacles, and rugged dirt paths. 

On the trail, you will see an array of abandoned homes and lots of sugaring equipment for making Vermont maple syrup! Considering this, we recommend avoiding using this trail during the spring sugaring season. All-in-all however, the trail sees little traffic so you should have the woods mostly to yourself when you come here. 

Lowell Mountain Bayley-Hazen Military Road 

Accessible via 4x4s and SUVs, this is a 6-mile trail best approached during the Fall or Summer. The trail is rated as having a moderate difficulty due to the rough and rocky terrain. The trail is not frequented too often, and so overgrowth + treefall may offer additional obstacles. 

This historical trail follows one of the oldest roads created following British settlement, having been first used in 1776 as a transport path for supplies used in an attempted siege of Canada by Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery. The road was designed to be as straight as possible and rarely follows streams, instead taking to the treetops. 

Patterson Brook Road Fire Service 50

This trail runs along a well-maintained service road in the Green Mountain Forest. The trail runs an approximate 5 miles in length and is generally regarded as an easy trail to navigate. The trail is best approached during Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

This trail is an out-and-back style path that will have you crossing a variety of isolated bridges over mountain streams. The terrain will primarily consist of well-maintained gravel paths with plenty of traction. There are lots of off-grid sites here for camping, so bring a tent and spend a peaceful night out here! 

Stock Bridge Road To Woodstock 

Stock Bridge Road is a 30-mile long trail that is best approached in either the Summer or Fall months. The trail mainly follows farm roads, and so the majority of the path is composed of packed dirt. This makes the path relatively easy, and it should present the driver with few serious challenges. 

The trail is also very scenic, so if you are really into the time of year when the leaves are changing, we couldn’t recommend coming out here enough. And if you are looking for an extended adventure, this trail connects to plenty of other local routes, so you will have your choice of places to explore. 

Woodbury Mountain Road

Marked as an advanced trail, this 14-mile long trail should only be approached by experienced drivers. That being said, this is an especially awesome trail for those who are capable of handling it. The trail is home to plenty of rock ledges and other obstacles, including water passages. 

Part of the challenge you can expect this trail to throw at you comes from its narrow width. This makes turn-arounds nearly impossible, and some turns are tight enough to make this path unsuitable for larger rigs.  

This trail is best used in Fall, Summer, or Spring, and should be easily accessible with a Jeep or 4×4. While the entrance to this trail makes it seem like an easy one, don’t be fooled! The trail quickly increases in difficulty and it will be hard to turn around if you are riding in a Jeep. 

Jack Pines Trail Pirates System 

This trail is exclusively available for ATV riders, so this one is especially for them! This trail is 30 miles long and considered easy to moderately difficult for most riders. The trail surface is varied and gives drivers the experience of packed dirt, gravel, crushed stone, grass, paved road, and unpaved roads. 

Rather than being just one trail to explore, this is a system of trails where you will be able to choose the route that works best for you. The trail gives plenty of nice views over southern Vermont, making it a rewarding experience for off-roaders of all stripes. 

Green Mountain National Forest Trails 

The Green Mountain Forest is a well-known, and quite large, forested area in West Vermont. Historically, the forest has provided the area’s residents with industry, lumber, and beauty. Today the Green Mountain Forest is host to a number of ATV and off-road trails, accessible to the people of Vermont. 

The beautiful scenery and rugged mountain landscapes of the Green Mountain Forest make spending time outdoors an absolute pleasure. The roads out here will likely take you on a mixture of pavement, and semi-maintained dirt roads, but taking the time to pass through these woods is certainly worth your time. Contact their field office for more information. 

Hinesburg Town Forest 

With over 800 acres of woodland, this community-owned forest is an excellent spot to enjoy the outdoors from the back of an ATV. The trail is multipurpose but is primarily intended for horses, bikes, and ATVs. 

This little stretch of forest can be a good option for a quick day trip, especially if you happen to live in that area!

Lincoln Gap Road 

Mostly an unpaved trail, Lincoln Gap Road offers drivers a fun and adventurous experience. And the beauty of the surrounding land really makes this an experience that will be enjoyable for anybody. 

Expect some decently long sections of gravel while riding this path, and some paved sections with steep and narrow dimensions. This mixture of elements provides the trail with some fun dynamics, so things won’t be too easy! 

Molly Stark Scenic Trail

This trail is a 48-mile path between Brattleboro and Bennington, so drivers can start at the city of their choice. While on this trail you will have views of vast farmlands, forests, and other natural sights. This trail is primarily scenic, and should not offer much in the way of technical difficulty. 

This point-to-point would be especially nice for drivers looking for an excuse to hit some beautiful back roads while also getting to visit some of the most beautiful, and bustling cities in Vermont. This one is especially good for families with kids. 

Killington Mountain

Looking for a thrilling ATV ride up and around some beautifully forested mountains? Killington is a great spot for riding ATVs, and may even serve as a good jumping-off point for newer riders who are yet to have gained much experience on the trail. 

This trail has excellent views of the woods below and offers riders of all skill levels a fun and scenic ride through some essentially Vermont scenes. Try this trail out to dust off the cobwebs from the off-season, or take your friends and family here for a carefree day. 


Off-roading is a great way to get outdoors and blow off some steam with your pals. Because Vermont is truly one of the most beautiful states in the country, residents will want plenty of excuses to get out of the house. There is plenty of great land in Vermont, but unfortunately, a lot of it is private, and laws are enforced preventing riders from taking to most public land. 

Regardless, there are various excellent outdoor parks offering an array of their own high-quality trails for off-road enthusiasts to explore. Where Vermont lacks in quantity of off-road trails, it makes up for this with the sheer beauty of the land, and the amicable weather that greets those who visit this state. 

So the next time you take the Jeep or ATV out to hit Vermont’s best off-road trails, don’t forget a camera, there will be lots of awesome sights you won’t want to miss turning into great memories. 

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