The Best Off-Road Trails in Oklahoma For ATVs and Jeeps

The Best Off-Road Trails in Oklahoma For ATVs and Jeeps

Oklahoma is a staple for outdoor life and is more than a place for great barbecues. Everywhere you look, there are ways to form a bond with nature right in your backyard.

Are you hunting for the best places to take your off-roading vehicle? You’ll have plenty of options here.

In this post, we’ll help you find some of the best places you can ride your Jeep or ATV in Oklahoma.

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Bee Creek and Dyer Mountain Trail

One part scenic drive, one part muddy sanctuary, Bee Creek and Dyer Mountain Trail is a one-of-a-kind stop on your journey. This challenging route is packed full of muddy areas for you to take your Jeep to get nice and dirty. You may want to have some tow cables handy because the muck can get pretty deep, and getting stranded can put a damper on your ride. 

Then again, the prospect of getting stuck in the mud is part of what provides the rush of adrenaline.

Bring tow cables for your buddies to pull you out if the mud is too much for your vehicle.

Also, This trail is perfect If you prefer a ride in solitude because there is a low chance of encountering others across a breathtaking landscape where you can enjoy a pleasant passage of isolation.

Make sure you include Dyer mountain as part of your trip to this park. You won’t want to miss the views (and photo ops).

Grand O’ Lake The Cherokees OHV Trail

This trail has a long name, but an exhilarating experience backs it up.

Here you can take on deep mud pits, steep rock crawls, and winding turns to keep you guessing.

You can also ride through the forest, observe streams and get spectacular waterfall views if you’re looking for a scenic experience. The trail is located near Disney, Oklahoma. 

 While you won’t find a famous mouse nearby,  this trail still provides a magical ride for off-roaders.

Little Sahara State Park

The name of this trail system may initially cause you a little skepticism. But you’ll feel like you hopped on a flight across the world when you witness the dunes at Little Sahara State Park. If sand is your thing, you won’t be disappointed as you whip through miles of dunes on this trail.

While you may think your vehicle can handle it, It’s crucial to consider your rig before heading to this park. Make sure your vehicle is adequately equipped to take on the challenge. 

The sand can cause problems for ill-equipped vehicles and ruin the fun.

Don’t worry If your vehicle isn’t designed for this park yet. Little Sahara State Park is close to many rental shops where you can find a vehicle to meet your needs.

Gruber Off-Road Vehicle County Park

Are you looking for another off-road test? Gruber Off-Road Vehicle County Park may be what you need. Stretching 450 acres, you can take on challenging terrain that includes

  • Rock filled areas
  • Narrow wood pathways
  • Sharp hill climbs
  • And water crossing areas

While you’re enjoying your time out on the trail, maintaining awareness of your surroundings is crucial. Public hunting grounds are south of the course, so make sure not to venture too far in that direction, as no motorized vehicles are allowed in the area.

Soggy Bottom Trails

Stay away from this trail if you don’t like to get dirty. Soggy bottom Trails knows how to show all OHV enthusiasts a good time. If you want to whip through mud bogs from sun up to sun down, this is the place for you. 

You’ll have a pulse-pounding ride as you race through at blistering speeds.

If you visit Soggy Bottom on the weekend, you can take in a live-music show after your ride is over.

Kerr Dam ORV Area

There’s a time to take things slowly, and then there are other times when it’s necessary to kick your ride into high gear. Kerr Dam ORV Area allows you to test your vehicle’s handling abilities. 

Throughout the enormous 1600-acre layout, you can discover deep mud bogs, blaze down smooth trails, and whip around every twist and turn this area can throw at you.

Crossbar Ranch

You may have to take some extra time off work to see everything at Crossbar Ranch. There is plenty to discover throughout the more than 200 miles (!) of trails.

The grounds feature different terrain types ranging from

  • Rugged
  • Steep
  • Rocky
  • Grassy 

While much of the ride is simple, head out to Onion Patch Trail if you’re looking for a stiff challenge.

Another reason to get excited about this area is that there are plans to add more trails to the grounds. But you’ll have plenty to keep you busy in this area for the time being.

Pine Mountain Trails

This rocky treasure is sure to make you hold your breath. One of the critical highlights of this park is the gravel pits, where you can hit rough and tumble jumps all day long. 

You can ride side-by-side with your buddies as you check out breathtaking rock formations, chew up rugged terrain, or get nice and dirty in the mud.

Also, the Kimchi mountains are close by should you want to step away for a moment of serenity.

The fun doesn’t stop there. If you aren’t ready to leave the trails behind, you can find several campgrounds on-site. 

Red River ATV Park

Red River ATV Park is an outdoor person’s dream come true. The deep mud bogs and sandy landscape help give this park live up to its name. The water here can get deep, so it’s crucial to have your ATV outfitted properly. The primarily flat landscape makes for a great time whipping around in circles before heading for heading to the mud. 

If you want to take a break from riding so that you can try to land your next big catch, Red River ATV Park is fishing-friendly. Let your line fly after your ride is over!

Robber’s Cave State Park

Don’t let the name scare you away. You’ll enjoy this 250-acre pocket of off-roading joy that features elevation changes to keep you guessing. 

Riding hours are limited to daytime, so you may not get to watch the sunset. But you’re gifted with jaw-dropping views once you reach the top of your climb.

You won’t leave this park feeling that you’ve been robbed because the experience is one-of-a-kind.

Mid-America Outdoors

This 750-acre behemoth is just waiting to greet you. Kick up as much dust as you want on these trails because you’ll be moving at a break-neck pace as you ride by.

Challenge your buddies to a race around the grounds for the title of “Ruler of the Road,” or just challenge them for bragging rights if you want to keep things simple.

Whitewater ORV Park

You can spend a whole day riding through this muddy paradise. The Whitewater ORV Park is a great starter trail for new riders, allowing them to ease in with sandy terrain and low elevation. T

This park is friendly of all vehicle types, so feel free to take your Jeep out for a spin in the mud.

Texoma Mud Park

Another option for those who crave a muddy adventure, Texoma Mud Park checks all the boxes for off-road enthusiasts. Proving a satisfactory challenge to most riders, Texoma features 5 miles of wide, dusty tracks before making your way to the deep mud pits.

You can also take part in the special events hosted by the park, making for a complete experience.

Paden Mud Bog

Want to test your buddies with some (not so) friendly competition. Ride out the Paden Mud bog and see if they’re up to the challenge. You can find many options to suit everyone’s tastes such as

  • Wooded trails
  • A mudded drag strip
  • Rocky obstacles
  • And lots of mud

As a bonus, Paden Mud Bog holds races, so you can either spectate or participate if you believe you candle it.

One thing to keep note of is that the park only opens to the public on weekends, which can be a 

downer if you’d like to go alone. But, this park makes for the perfect outing for a group of friends who want to spend time outdoors.

Scipio Recreational Trails

Spread over 2,000 acres, Scipio Recreational Trails features all kinds of terrain to keep you guessing throughout your ride. Although you’ll have to leave the Jeep at home for this one, your ATV should be more than enough to take on the moderately challenging trail.


The state of Oklahoma lets you out a southwestern twist on your outdoor experience.

You can diversify your experience with a wide variety of terrain that gives you a vast distance to roam through. 

Whether you want to take a scenic route or grapple with mid bogs, sharp rocks, twisting turns and wavy sand dunes, you’ll find an off road excursion to satisfy your adventurous appetite.

To find an off roading experience that provides a mix of everything, keep Oklahoma in mind.

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