The Best Off-Road Trails in Mississippi For ATVs and Jeeps

The Best Off-Road Trails in Mississippi For ATVs and Jeeps

Mississippi, known as the birthplace of Blues music, is also a land of natural beauties, like the Mississippi River. With so much beautiful landscapes to explore, we can expect there to be lots of off-road options… but what are the best choices for ATVs and Jeeps?

Mississippi is home to expansive swaths of forest and riverside trails. This gives off-roaders some nice options when it comes to finding a quality trail to hit. 

If you are on the hunt for some potential favorite places to go off-roading, we’ve got your back. Read further below for our compiled list of the best off-road trails in Mississippi for ATVs and Jeeps! 

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The Best Off-Road Trails in Mississippi Overview

Mississippi is a wonderland for outdoor lovers and is heavily influenced by outdoor lifestyles. And with a distinct and deeply fascinating cultural & regional history, there is a lot to appreciate when exploring Mississippi. 

Listed below are the trails we will be covering in this post:

  • Mudslangers Off-Road Trails 
  • Bethel ATV Trail 
  • BMB Off-Road
  • Burden’s Creek ATV Park 
  • Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail 
  • Beinville NF 
  • Chicksaw ATV Trail 
  • Trace State Park ORV Trails 
  • Choctaw Trails 
  • Red Creek Off-Road 
  • Rednecks ATV Park And Campground 
  • South Mississippi Off-Road And RV Park 

Mudslangers Off-Road Trails

Primarily intended for dirt bikes and ATVs, this Clay county off-road park is a well-maintained trail that is perfect for a fun day or two out with family or friends. The park offers lots of nice rolling hills, sand pits, and stretches of mud for you to rip through in your ATV. 

Mudslangers is especially cool as it includes a duck pond for guests to hang out by, with a nearby concession stand serving burgers, dogs, and nachos! There is also camping available nearby for those who want to spend the night. The price of admission is $10.00 per rider. 

Bethel ATV Trail

This is another trail you will only be able to ride an ATV on, but for beginner riders, this trail will be well worth visiting. This area has around 43 miles of ATV trails. The terrain of the trail is mostly smooth, flat land with the occasional curve leading you into mixed pine forest or low-lying brush. 

There are not many obstacles to be found on these trails, making it a great place to bring some new, or younger riders. Primitive camping is permitted here, with plenty of flat and shady sites to choose from. There is an onsite pay station located here charging $10.00 for a day permit. 

BMB Off-Road

This park is packed with 715 acres of solid off-roading, open to vehicles of all types, including your Jeep! The terrain here consists of rugged hills, swampy bogs, and plenty of woodland trails. Camping is available at designated sites, so come spend the night if you want lots of riding time. 

This site is actually located close to the childhood home of Elvis Presley, so fans of The King will have their chance to take a pilgrimage to his place of origin. To visit the park, there is a $15.00 entry fee for adults (kids enter free) and to camp, you will have to spend $5.00 per tent. 

Burden’s Creek ATV Park

This medium difficulty ATV park is actually open to many varieties of vehicles, so you can enjoy riding an ATV or Jeep here! Burden’s Creek is 350 acres large and offers many trails through the woods complete with creek crossings, ponds, and plenty of mud. Generally, trails are a medium difficulty so drivers with a little experience should be happy here. 

Entering the park requires a pass which will cost $20.00 per rider with passengers costing $5.00 each. Camping is also available here costing $5.00 per tent, and $10.00 if you decide to bring an RV. 

Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail

Located in Desoto National Forest, this trail is a 31-mile-long loop through some shady and forested land. The terrain is primarily composed of hard-packed dirt, which curves and loops through the tightly knit treelines of the surrounding forest. This trail is only accessible via smaller offroad vehicles like ATVs and dirtbikes. 

This area is composed of three different loops of varying lengths: a 2-miler, 22-miler, and a 7.6-mile loop. The entrance fee here will be $10 per user. The trail here is open year-round, but because of occasional military training exercises here, we recommend calling ahead of time to ensure the trail is available. 

Beinville NF

Named for the Beinville National Forest it is located in, this is a 14-mile trail graded as relatively easy. Most of the trail will consist of hard-packed gravel featuring lots and lots of twists and turns! There are many side trails available here but be advised that the terrain of the side trails varies in difficulty and tends to be more technical than the main trail. 

The best time to hit this trail is likely during the fall when the weather is cooler and the trees change their color. You can access this trail with most varieties of off-road vehicles, so you are good to bring the Jeep and the ATV on this trail. 

Chicksaw ATV Trail

Chicksaw is a 12-mile trail with some great scenic areas to check out as you ride. The trail winds you through a beautiful mixed forest while looping around cool, natural lakes. The terrain here is mostly smooth and hard and comes with only a few climbs of light elevation. 

This trail is only open for ATVs and dirtbikes. The trail is rated as being close to medium difficulty, but more on the easy side. Getting in will cost you $10.00 per off-road vehicle. The trail is also marked with blue blazes, so following the path should be simple. 

Trace State Park ORV Trails

This state park has plenty of land to explore, and includes 35 miles of gravel and dirt paths to explore. The area is open to various types of off-road machines, and even hikers and horseback riders, so be prepared to stop or slow down for others using the trail. 

The terrain is mostly rated as being easy to navigate and should serve as no problem for most off-roaders with rudimentary experience. While here, you’ll have the option to stay overnight in one of the available cabins or cottages.

Choctaw Trails

This collection of trails holds around 18-miles of multiple-use trails. Each loop is designated by its own colored blaze, allowing for easy trail navigation. The terrain includes light elevation changes and majority hard-pack dirt as land. You will also come across some loose dirt, along with some sand and mud. 

This trail is considered moderately difficult and is open year-round for visitors. There is no camping allowed at this site, and it is only intended for day use. There is no fee to enter the park, and the land is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Red Creek Off-Road

This off-road area is home to around 20 miles of ATV tracks and additional tracks, including one for the little ones! This popular off-road park even includes an area with a concession stand, showers, and primitive camping! This is an excellent area to go mudding or to take to high speeds down the moto track. 

There is a $10.00 entry fee per person and a $20.00 fee per off-road vehicle. Camping here is also possible with the appropriate passes. These will cost $5.00 per tent or $25.00 per RV. If you require a full hookup for your RV, the fee will cost $35 per night. 

Rednecks ATV Park And Campground

If you’ve got mudding on your mind, this park is sure to take the cake. This park includes over 600 acres of mud pits to slosh through, along with some creek crossing through the woods. The trails here are especially muddy, and can be relatively difficult, especially following heavy rains. 

Difficulty can vary depending on conditions, but generally, this area should be ok for moderately experienced drivers. If you are interested in camping out here, it costs $10.00 per tent or RV and $5 per person. The entry fee to the park costs $10.00 per person. 

South Mississippi Off-Road And RV Park

This spacious park may be your next destination for a weekend getaway. Offering up 377 acres of space, this forested land is a great place to spend some quality time in your ATV or Jeep. The terrain can be quite muddy, but you will also find some loose dirt, sand, dust, and lots of trees!

Most of this park’s trails are considered intermediate difficulty. To enter the park you will need to pay a $5.00 fee per person. For riding, you will need to pay $30 per vehicle. If you decide to camp here, passes cost $10.00 per tent. For RV parking, it is $40 per pass. 


Mississippi is a great state for outdoor enthusiasts and off-roaders alike. A day out here can bring you plenty of variety and adventure, ranging from days full of high-quality mudding, to serene nights camping out next to your off-roader of choice. 

With so many great places to go off-roading, Mississippi is sure to keep dedicated riders happily busy for years and years to come. The next time you decide to go off-roading in Mississippi, which trail are you going to take your ATV or Jeep on?  

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