The Best Off-Road Trails in Louisiana For ATVs and Jeeps

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience like no other, look no further than the state of Louisiana. The state provides access to a wide range of sporting events to enjoy. Here you can hunt, fish, and hike all on the same day and still have enough time to grab a po’boy sandwich before the day is done.

But, what about those who want to go off-roading in their ATV or Jeep?

Don’t Fret, you can find an incredible selection of trails to take your vehicle through the wringer in Louisiana.

Let’s take a look at the best off-road trails you can find in the bayou.

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Muddy Bottoms ATV and Recreation Park

Going off-roading immerses you in the fullness of nature and helps you see what your vehicle can do. With that said, you expect to get extremely dirty when you head out on the trail.

Muddy Bottoms ATV and Recreation Park isn’t for those who hate the thought of not having a  clean ATV. If you love rolling through the mud, this park is for you.

Another feature that makes this park popular is its huge 5,000-acre space for you to enjoy that packed complete with luxuries for you to enjoy after your ride such as cabins that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Muddy Bottoms presents you with a chance to disconnect from the business of life and make full use of your ATV in the process.

Catahoula Offroad and Recreation

Catahoula offroad and recreation is a unique area in that it allows you to test the rock crawling capabilities of your vehicle. This park has trails that vary in difficulty, so there are options for you  whether you want an easy ride or to push your rig as hard as you can.

You’ll want to leave the ATV home for this ride as they are not allowed at this park.

But, you’ll salivate at the chance to take your Jeep through the thick forests and rocky, muddy hills you can find at this park.

Highlifter Off-Road Park

Another option for getting down and dirty during your ride, Highlifter Off-Road Park can meet the off-roading wishes of the whole family. This park gives you access to 4 mud pits where you can ride through some of the thickest mud around—and love every moment of it.

Some of the mud holes in the park get deep, up 5 feet in some areas, so make sure your vehicle is up to the test before you head out. Or, make sure your buddies can pull you out if you get stuck.

Also, you can find a few jump areas on the grounds as well for when you want to add a little extra thrill to your ride.

Kisatchie National Forest

Looking to have a more serene off-roading experience? Kisatchie National Forest can give you that. Here you can get up close and personal with nature as you ride through the forest. This makes the trail ideal to add to your hunting, fishing, or hiking experience.

Although you can relax some on this trail, it is by no means boring.

In fact, you’ll encounter 36 miles of rugged terrain to test your vehicle throughout your journey. 

Depending on the area you’re in you may stall or even roll over a time or two.

Claiborne Trails

Another option to whet the appetite of nature enthusiasts, Claiborne Trails gives off-roaders an opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle. After you’ve finished hitting the trail, you can relax with your family by

  • Going for a swim
  • Having a game of disc-golf
  • Or stopping for a hike before you hop back on your ATV

Juderman’s ATV Park

Off-roading isn’t just reserved for experienced riders. There are many places where beginners can develop their skills, or just go for a simple ride. Juderman’s ATV is a place in Louisana where novice riders can feel at home.

This park includes easy-to-ride areas for novices to practice on. But, the grounds also take care of those who want a thrill. Here you can find an abundance of mud holes to ride through to get your adrenaline going.

Louisiana Mudfest

This trail is just as cool as its name. Louisiana Mudfest allows you to do exactly as its name suggests, find lots and lots of mud to ride through. You can work on your riding skills as you whip through the layers of mud that make this trail so unique. You’re sure to feel a bit more confident after you’ve conquered this muddy beast.

You can bring your Jeep to this one too to add a little extra flair to your ride.

Just make sure you bring a change of clothes after your ride is over.

Plaquemines Off-Road Park

Be prepared to get nice and dusty when you take a ride through this trail. Placed in the middle of the woods, Plaquemines Off-Road Park gives you over 300 acres of a wide variety of driving surfaces that includes mud bogs, loose sand, and a lot really big rocks.

While the differences in terrain may sound intimidating to beginners, don’t be afraid to visit this trail if you’re inexperienced. Plaquemines Off-Road Park is beginner-friendly, so even if you have limited off-roading experience, you can still have a blast on this trail.

Cow Bayou ATV Park

Another great option for getting as dirty as you wish, Cow Bayou ATV Park is a mud lover’s dream. Proximity to the Toledo Bend Resovoir helps carve out the mudpits that make this park a paradise for off-roaders. 

You can also take a smooth ride through the woods as a change of pace, or you can can kick up mud until sundown.

Whatever your taste is, this park has something for any off-roader’s preference.

Catahoula Offroad and Recreation

Catahoula Offroad trail is a great place to test your skills–and your Jeep. Some of the trail’s highlights include:

  • Deep water crossings
  • Steep climbs
  • Massive rocks
  • And, you guessed it, lots of mud

This is a popular trail because of its challenging rock climbs, putting even the most beefed-up vehicles to the test.

But, this trail is mainly used by experienced riders as the trail can be problematic for beginners.

Unfortunately, your ATV will have to stay at home if you want to visit this trail, as the park is strictly for Jeeps, dirt-bikes, and trucks.

Tower Trax ATV Park

With a massive 2600 acre layout, you’ll have plenty of room to room in your ATV at this trail network. At Tower Trax ATV park you have access to mudbogs and challenging trails to get your adrenaline flowing. As you chase the rush of blasting through the mud, make sure your vehicle is up to the task you don’t get stuck.

Water crossings are known to be deep, so be prepared to take a muddy dip.

If you aren’t ready to leave when the fun is over, you can prolong your stay by camping out over night so you can hit the trails again the next day.

Silver Creek Campground

The whole family can get in on the action at Silver Creek Campground. 

Everyone young and old can off-road at this family friendly park which provides serene views, trails through the woods, a and an abundance of mud to complete the trip.

Camp Livingstone Trail Complex

If you’re looking for a challenging ride, Camp Livingstone can fit the bill. Camp Livingstone connects to the Clear Creek and Hickman Loop Trails, giving you a choice between two challenging options. Clear Creek Loop Trail presents a moderate challenge to experienced riders and Hickman Loop Trail is a bit more intense. 

Depending on your comfort and skill level with your vehicle, you can give Camp Livingstone Trail Complex a try.

Its worth noting to call ahead before you make a trip to the complex. Although its open daily, inclement weather can cause trail closures.

Sandstone Trail

This trail presents another challenging option for seasoned off road enthusiasts. Here you’ll find 36 miles of trail packed with deep crossings, steep hills, and enough red dirt to last a lifetime.

Narrow pathways and blindspots add to the excitement of riding through this trail.

Also, you’ll have to travel slowly so you can take in the gorgeous views you’re sure to encounter.

Enduro Trails

You’ll love taking your vehicle through the gauntlet of twists and turns from Enduro trails. You can enjoy a 30-mile trail network where you’ll be tested on your ability to navigate the dense pine forest that characterizes the area. 

Although you’ll have to be careful, shade from the trees can help give you additional comfort as you find your way around.


Lousiana is a southern paradise for avid off-roaders. You can find many options to satisfy your need for thrills down in the bayou. Dense mud, lively forests and rocky climbs are part of what makes for a unparalleled experience.  

While you may be tempted to pursue other locations, don’t overlook this southern gem as you prepare for your next off-road adventure.

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