The Best Off-Road Trails in Arizona For ATVs and Jeeps

The Best Off-Road Trails in Arizona For ATVs and Jeeps

Known as the Grand Canyon State, Arizona has plenty to offer when it comes to outdoor activities. But for those of us interested in off-roading, where are the best off-road trails?

Arizona has plenty of land available, and with some truly unique sights, you’ll want to explore as much of it as you can. Luckily because there are many off-road locations available throughout the state, you will have plenty of excuses to get out and experience the natural beauty of this state. 

Are you looking to find the best trails in Arizona for ATVs and Jeeps? Then stick with us below for an overview of our favorite spots. 

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Best Arizona Off-Road Trails Overview

With so much open space filled with unique and rugged terrain, it’s no wonder Arizona has become a popular state to go off-roading. From hidden deserts, to canyons and sand dunes, Arizona has truly got a great breadth of options. 

Below is a list of options described further below: 

  • Broken Arrow Trail 
  • Boulders OHV Area
  • White Pocket 
  • Bulldog Canyon OHV Area
  • Smiley Rock
  • El Camino Del Diablo 
  • Montana Mountain 
  • Walnut Canyon 
  • Reymert Mine 
  • Arizona Peace Trail
  • Box Canyon OHV Trail 
  • Elvis Trail 
  • Devil’s Bridge Trail 

Broken Arrow Trail

Located in the Coconino National Forest, this 4×4 path is considered one of the best off-road destinations in Sedona. This trail is considered difficult, and only experienced off-road drivers should consider tackling this one. 

The trail is 4 miles long, and due to the technicality of the terrain can take upwards of 2 hours to complete. The terrain will consist of sandy roads, which will eventually lead to larger rocks, and then eventually boulders perfect for a good rock crawl. 

Boulders OHV Area

Boulders is a 26-mile-long trail with lots of nice flat land. And with an additional area for beginners to learn the basics of off-roading, this off-road area is a great choice for introducing new off-roaders to some basic principles while under minimal pressure. 

Boulders is located in the Hieroglyphics Mountain Range, where you will be surrounded by beautiful sights along with plenty of wildlife. To enter the area, you will just need to get an OHV decal and a State Land Recreation permit. 

White Pocket

Running for approximately 9 miles, the White Pocket Trail is rated as a moderately difficult trail. The terrain mostly consists of shallow sand with bumpy hard dirt beneath. There are some deeper pockets of sand that may cause issues if you don’t set your vehicle into 4-wheel drive. 

White Pocket is regarded as a very beautiful trail, indescribable by words. Visitors will be amazed by the primordial rock formations, and all of the various colors that display themselves on the face of the surrounding stone walls. 

Bulldog Canyon OHV Area

This massive area contains 5 different trails for off-roading. To get into this OHV area you will need to first acquire permits. Specifically, a permit for motorized vehicles which can be found here. After acquiring a permit, it will remain valid for 6 months. 

This off-highway vehicle area contains approximately 20 miles of roads to explore, located in 34,000 acres of land inside of the Tonto recreational area. 

Smiley Rock

Smiley rock will give drivers great views of the Verde Valley resting below the trail. This path is rated as difficult, and brings off-roaders through 23 miles of narrow and rocky roads. The trail gets especially difficult when you must navigate through the winding Martin Canyon. 

Most of the terrain consists of dirt and some gravel, but you will also find your fair share of stone and rock while driving down this path. Smiley Rock will be a good option for bringing your Jeep out for a challenge. 

El Camino Del Diablo

This notorious trail comes with a fitting name, meaning “The Devil’s Road” in English. Historically, the path was utilized by migrants crossing the desert. Unfortunately, the harshness of the desert contributed to many lost lives during travel, hence the ominous title. 

Today, off-roaders still need to exercise caution here and are actually required to obtain a permit and sign waivers against vehicle damage, dismemberment, and even death. Yes, it’s that serious! 

The trail runs for a total of 124 miles across the Sonoran Desert. The terrain typically consists of graded dirt roads with many areas of deep sand. The terrain itself is often not too difficult to handle here, making the actual trail difficulty surprisingly low, however, due to the harsh environment, this trail is only recommended for experienced overlanders. 

Montana Mountain

Easily accessible due to its close proximity to Phoenix, this is a 28-mile trail best navigated in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. The trail’s terrain mostly consists of well-graded stone, and dirt with embedded rock. Well-equipped off-road vehicles should have little problem navigating the terrain so long as the driver is experienced. 

The trail makes for a nice loop but should be avoided at any time when snow or ice are present. 

Walnut Canyon

If desert scenery is your thing, then Walnut Canyon may well make the top of your “must-visit” list. Featuring beautiful red outcrops of desert stone, complete with the beautifully ever-present expanse of open desert, Walnut Canyon represents everything we love about the desert landscape of Arizona. 

The trail is 14 miles long and is best approached during the Spring or Fall. The trail is rated as moderately difficult and follows plenty of windy roads with steep hills, and descents. Expect lots of uneven ground, and possible mud if you are there following rain. 

Remert Mine

The Reymert Mine Trail is a great area of public land, filled with plenty of history, and trails friendly to off-road enthusiasts. The trail is a total of 9 miles long and is best approached in either the Spring or Fall. Rated as easy, this trail should be approachable for most skill levels and 4×4 vehicles. 

The trail will take you past the Reymert Historic site, where you will have the opportunity to explore the remains of an old ghost town. While you are there, make sure to visit the strangely named “Sugar Shack” located in town. 

The trail is generally well maintained and will contain only a few obstacles/technical challenges. These include mostly dispersed brush and small rock obstacles to clear. 

Arizona Peace Trail

This one is truly an epic adventure, clocking in at around 675 miles round trip! This will take 5 days on average to complete, and will take you across several counties and close to various cities too. This trail is a great way to get a sampling of the diversity of Arizona, and a great excuse to take an extended off-roading vacation. 

This trail is well maintained and has plenty of roadside accommodations to check out while traveling. If you are so inclined, you will have access to restaurants and motels to keep you comfortable during this 5-day marathon. 

Box Canyon OHV Trail

Arizona’s unique Box Canyons are appropriately named, as once you’re inside their walls, it looks and feels like you are inside of a box. The trail is commonly rated as moderately difficult and runs drivers through around 30 miles of canyon. 

We recommend only taking aggressive vehicles here that are capable of handling a diverse array of terrain, most importantly the various rocky areas where high clearance and good torque are of the utmost necessity. 

Elvis Trail

Is the king of rock the best option for you? Well, it may be if you enjoy a challenging trail! This trail is exceptionally rocky and has many difficult obstacles to face throughout. The rocks are extremely pointed, making the trail a bit sinister and difficult. The trail also has various tight turns and rocky flatlands. 

Off-roaders who are capable of getting through this trail will find it to be greatly rewarding, and a good opportunity to test out and engage in the more technical aspects of driving off-road. 

Devil’s Bridge Trail

This is a shorter trail, clocking in at around 4 miles, but it is also full of some amazing views. This trail is part of the Coconino National Forest, and showcases some of the best sights of the region like sweeping valleys and overlooks, strikingly colored sandstone, rusty mountain ranges, and the arch that this trail is named for.  

This path is a popular tourist spot, making it a great place to bring the family. And because it is frequented so often, you can expect easy access, and driving throughout the entirety of the trail.  


Arizona is a state of many great expanses, but if you look closer at these places, you will constantly find microcosms of amazing places, and many of these locations are ripe for off-road adventures! 

Arizona surely has a lot to offer those with an eye for natural beauty. Especially for people with a fascination for the beauty of the desert. So the next time you are looking for a way to get closer to the land in Arizona, be that on a days-long technical drive, or a simple day out with the family, Arizona will prove a place full of opportunity. 

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