Ko2 vs DuraTrac

Ko2 vs DuraTrac: A Head-to-Head Comparison

From heavy-duty wear and tear to the occasional outing, all-terrain vehicles are always a wise purchase. Two premium choices of all-terrain tires include BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Ko2 and the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac. There are several different factors to consider when purchasing the right brand of tire for your vehicle, and all of them should be taken into consideration to get the most customized ride. In this article, we’ll pit the two top choices against each other and analyze the Ko2 vs DuraTrac in several key categories to see which one comes out ahead.

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Ko2 vs DuraTrac: Summary

Paved Roads
Snowy Roads
Wet Roads
Mud/Soft Terrain
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BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Ko2 Overview

Suitable for SUVs, Jeeps, pickups, and more, the Ko2 is 4th generation of all-terrain tires from Goodrich. The unique tread patterns and extended sidewall allows the Ko2 to endure through the most extreme of conditions from gravel, to dirty, waterlogged, snowy, or unpaved terrain; Ko2 even has traction with rocky conditions.

Not only does the Ko2 have great traction in so many conditions, but it guarantees a much quieter ride than its competitors, especially while on paved roads. Time doesn’t seem to affect these tires, as you can stack up the miles and you’ll still have a quiet ride and a reliable set of all-terrain tires.

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Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Overview

Another tough option for all-terrain conditions is the Wrangler DuraTrac. Built to withstand the most extreme of conditions, the DuraTrac truly shines out amongst the crowd, with premium features that make it a dependable ride.

This rugged off-road beast can hold up under all varieties of terrain, even under heavy loading and towing. It even has a long tread-life, including on paved roads. It stands out amongst all others when it comes to sandy conditions or dirt roads, and its unique pattern allows for strong grip driving across rock and pebbles.

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On-Road Performance: Paved Road

Both tires hold up equally well on paved road or tarmac, but on paved road alone, DuraTrac takes home the gold. The deep tread, large lugs, and massive sidewall are key features in the secrets to the Duratrac’s success as an all-terrain tire while still maintaining a smooth ride on paved roads; this makes it an excellent choice for daily use as well. The deep tread makes it the ideal companion on rocky terrain, with large lug nuts to support the bumpy ride.

The Ko2 has its pros to this type of performance as well; these tires can give you an impeccable ride, even going when long distances on a highway. You can even experience a smooth ride while towing.

Winner: Duratrac

On-Road Performance: Snowy Road

The Ko2 comes with the symbol 3PMSF implying its durability for hazardous winter-season conditions. It has very deep treads that allow for snow (and sand) to pass through without getting stuck. The pattern in itself also allows for it to handle icy conditions with ease.

The DuraTrac holds up amazingly well in snowy conditions, but it doesn’t beat the Ko2 because its tread pattern is not considered ideal for icy, winter weather. It can hold its own in snowy conditions, so it is still thought of as an excellent choice for winter storms because of the grip on the snowy road it can offer; the grip is on account of the deep groove pattern.

Winner: Ko2

On-Road Performance: Wet Road

Both tires hold up well, although due to most of the tread pattern touching the road on the Ko2, it is considered the superior choice on icy and wet roads.

While the DuraTrac is known for its fantastic grip on the road, it can’t hold up as well as the Ko2 in watery/rainy conditions based on the tread.

Winner: Ko2

Off-Road Performance: Rocks

The Ko2 is an excellent choice for those off-road adventures, even the ones on rocky terrain with pebbles and all! It has a serrated shoulder design to aid in giving you additional traction through rock-heavy terrain, and its new “CoreGuard” technology helps to keep the sidewall from splitting.

The DuraTrac’s treat pattern allows for better gripping on uneven terrain, and it has excellent traction and handling on rocks, pebbles, gravel, and more. Not only will this tire get you through bumpy terrain, but it will last you many uses.

Winner: Duratrac

Off-Road Performance: Mud/Soft Terrain

The Ko2 has a feature built-in called special mud busters that clean the sidewall safe and clean from mud.

The pattern of the tread on the DuraTrac tire helps you maintain control in even the muddiest of conditions.

Winner: DuraTrac

Off-Road Performance: Sand/Dirt

The DuraTrac has a wide tire design which allows for better movement control in sandy conditions or on dirt terrain. The pattern itself provides a better grip in sand or dirt, and this same angle-pattern technology helps keep the tires gripping even as they age.

Because the Ko2 has grooves that are closer together than the DuraTrac’s, it provides a bit more traction in dry areas especially since most of the tire is on the road.

Winner: DuraTrac


  • DuraTrac: The warranty sits at 50,000 but they have been known to outlive that number.
  • Ko2: The Ko2 has a much longer tread life than its successor at 50,000.
  • Winner: None; they are equal in life expectancy.


  • DuraTrac: $200-220 each
  • Ko2: $180-200 each


Each person’s level of comfort is different, so you have to consider which factors are most important to you to get an individualized comfort ride. The Ko2 is known for the quiet ride it gives, and no all-terrain tire matches the Ko2’s silence on paved roads especially. So from the backwoods to driving home, you’re guaranteed a quiet ride with the Ko2.

The DuraTrac promises you a smooth ride. From rocky mountainscapes to sandy beaches, the DuraTrac’s tread technology offers a relaxing, smooth ride, no matter the destination. The tire isn’t loud, but it doesn’t compare to the hush of the Ko2; meanwhile, the Ko2 can’t guarantee the smooth ride that a DuraTrac can give you.


There is no clear winner as each brand has its pros and cons, and each excels in different areas. Each individual has customized needs, so there are several factors to take into account when selecting the right brand of tire for your vehicle. As all-terrain tires go, you can’t go wrong with either the Ko2 or the DuraTrac.

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