Jeep 4.0 Oil Capacity: What You Need To Know

The Jeep 4.0 engine is a well known and reliable engine found in many different Jeep models. To keep yours running well, you’ll need to know how to check your oil capacity, and how much your engine will need. 

The Jeep 4.0 liter engine typically takes 6 quarts, or approximately 1.5 gallons of oil to fill. However, the repair manual recommends not using more than 5 quarts of oil in the engine, and goes on to state that the capacity is in fact 5 quarts. 

When replacing your oil filter, or just checking the color and clarity of your oil, there should be a running checklist of things running through your mind. We put this guide together in order to help you make sure that you are checking all of the boxes the next time you find yourself changing the oil on your Jeep 4.0, so read further for everything you need to know!

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How To Find Jeep 4.0 Oil Capacity

A great way to start taking your Jeep’s maintenance into your own hands is by conducting regular oil changes by yourself. To do so properly, you will first need to identify your Jeep’s oil capacity. 

A 4.0 liter, six cylinder Jeep engine has an oil capacity of six quarts. We recommend consulting the owners manual to get more intimate knowledge on your Jeep’s maintenance requirements. 

Jeep 4.0 Engine Oil Type

One of the most important things to get right before actually changing the oil, is making sure that you will be putting in the right kind. Selecting a good brand of the right type of oil is essential to ensuring that your Jeep lives a long life, so cheaping out or being neglectful is not recommended here. 

Different oil types are considered optimal under their own temperature ranges. For outdoor temperature ranges that go between 0 and 100 degrees, you will want to have your 4.0 liter filled with 10W-30. If you are living in a colder environment, thinner oil is recommended, so 5W-30 is a common choice. 

Because there are so many different brands of oil, it can sometimes be hard to trust that you are getting the best option. Because oil is so important to the overall health and longevity of your Jeep, you’ll want to be sure you trust the brand you are putting in it. Some brands that have a reliable reputation are: 

  • Castrol Full Synthetic 
  • Pennzoil Full Synthetic 
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic 
  • Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 

The Jeep 4.0 Engine

Jeep is known as a trusted brand with a rugged look. These vehicles are built with toughness in mind, and are as common to find on the road as they are off it playing in the mud. As a brand with some history, there are various different models that introduce different engine builds. In what models can we find a 4.0 engine? 

This well-loved engine model was used in Jeeps from 1987 to 2006. Originally developed by AMC, this engine was taken over and refined by Chrysler and used in the following Jeep models: 

  • Jeep Cherokee: 1987-2001
  • Jeep Comanche: 1987-1992
  • Jeep Wagoneer: 1987-1990
  • Jeep Wrangler: 1991-2006
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 1993-2004

Why We Love The Jeep 4.0

It’s no secret that jeep enthusiasts love the 4.0 liter engines. Why is that you might ask? 

One big reason for the love is that so many of these engines were produced between 1987 and 2006 that the parts are both cheap and easy to find. This of course, makes the cost of repairs much easier to swallow. 

Another reason this engine is so highly regarded is its high degree of reliability and power. It is not uncommon for Jeeps with this engine type to reach well over 200k miles while encountering few issues, a feature that any car would benefit from. 

This engine is also well known for its impressive torque, allowing it to handle rough off-road trails that may prove too difficult for lesser engines. With this combination of power and reliability, it’s easy to see why Jeep used its 4.0 engines for so long!

Why Oil Maintenance Is Important

One of the most important, and oft overlooked aspects of maintaining any vehicle is keeping up with regular oil changes. Many drivers choose to overlook the inconvenience of practicing regular oil changes, but those who do so will more than pay for it in the long run. 

Neglecting oil changes results in built up dirt, debris, and sludge on the insides of the engine. As the oil is heated and pushed through your engine, it also accumulates additional grime, thickening, and darkening in color. Leaving this dirty oil in can result in less efficient engine operation, and increased wear over time. 

Regular oil changes help to remove some of this built slime and dirt, helping to keep it running smoothly for longer. Replacing old and burnt out oil will also help to keep your engine running efficiently, increasing its miles per gallon 

Regularly changing oil will help to extend the life of a car, and is an absolutely essential part of engine maintenance that anyone can accomplish with the right knowledge, and basic gear. Learn the basics of doing an oil change yourself here (Using a 2000 Jeep Cherokee as example).


Jeeps are some of the most well loved vehicles on the market, and are as well-known for their cult following as they are for reliability. Always an excellent choice for time spent on rough roads, the Jeep is an icon for rugged reliability. But like any vehicle, maintenance is key if you want to ensure it enjoys long and reliable life. 

Changing the oil is one of the most basic, yet important things that you can do to maintain your Jeep 4.0 engine. Now that you know the oil capacity, oil type, and some available brands, you should be equipped to take on this essential maintenance task for your own Jeep 4.0.

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