How Much Does It Cost To Wrap An ATV?

Whether it be to personalize your ride with your own signature style or to help protect it from the elements, an ATV wrap may be just what you’re looking for.

The cost to wrap your ATV varies depending on the coverage area you want (half or full wrap), the material you choose, and other factors such as labor and local fees, etc. Generally, you’ll pay around $600 for a half wrap, or $900 for a full wrap.

Again, these costs may vary depending on your location. At times, there may be up to an additional $200-$300 in installation fees. However, if this is in your budget, wrapping your ATV can come with many benefits. We’ll take a look at some of the reasons you may want to wrap your ATV and some other helpful tips in the rest of this article.

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What Exactly Is An ATV Wrap?

ATV wraps, as with most automotive exterior wraps, are generally an adhesive vinyl decal made from high-quality 3M material intended to cover the outer portion of your vehicle. These wraps are ideally professionally installed to ensure proper application. These wraps come in all sizes, colors, and patterns for a variety of vehicles.

Most vinyl decals are weather resistant to some degree, and offer a reliable way to cover your paint.

Should You Wrap Your ATV?

  • Many people install vinyl wraps on their ATVs solely for customization purposes. It is an added layer of personalization without having to affect the base coat of paint on your vehicle. Also, vinyl wraps can be removed and replaced if you want to change up your style.
  • ATV wraps also protect your vehicle from wear and tear. The outer layer will protect your original paint job from the elements such as debris, dirt, mud, rocks, etc.
  • In addition to scuffs and scratches from road debris, an ATV wrap will protect your ATVs paint from fading or cracking due to exposure to UV light from the sun
  • You may save money in the long run. Since new paint jobs are so expensive, it is actually more cost-effective to opt for a new vinyl wrap over a new paint job. Since you will be protecting the original coat you are less likely to have to repaint your vehicle anytime soon
  • If you have something to advertise, you can always choose a vinyl decal that represents your brand or one that you would like to promote. This way, you’ll receive all of the prior benefits while also spreading awareness of the brand you are advertising. Perhaps you may even get paid if you opt for a service that pays you to promote their business.

How To Wrap An ATV

If you are looking into wrapping your ATV, you should first settle on a design. Since you will be paying to cover your ATV in the vinyl decal of your choosing, it only makes sense that the design should be one you’re excited about. So step one:

Decide on a design

A good way to do this is to do a little research on possible inspirations. Maybe look at some customized ATVs that you think look good and start from there. You can always jot down ideas in a notebook and maybe even draw something up if you are artistically inclined. Once you have some ideas, move to step two:

Confirm the make and model of your ATV

Be sure to specify the exact make and model of your ATV when setting out to look for vinyl wraps. There are many options out there on the market and you’ll want to confirm which one is exactly the perfect fit for your vehicle. Now that you have that squared away, you ready for step three:

Purchase a vinyl wrap for your ATV

You have several options to go about doing this. Either order a pre-designed template that you know will fit your exact make and model, or contact a company to custom design one for you. This leads into your options for the final step…

Install your ATV wrap

You really have two ways to go about installing your vinyl ATV wrap; either by yourself, or by having a professional do it for you. Doing it yourself will cut down on labor costs, but can be a lot of work. It may be difficult to perfectly adhere the wrap to your vehicle if you do not have professional experience doing so.


ATV wraps can be a fun way to personalize and protect your ATV’s outer layer. At around $600 for a half wrap, or $900 for a full wrap, it is still generally considered more affordable than a completely new paint job. If you decide on a design that you like and are interested in wrapping your ATV, know that you’ll be opting to safeguard your ATV’s paint job.

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