Here's How To Put Your Jeep Liberty In 4-Wheel Drive

Here’s How To Put Your Jeep Liberty In 4-Wheel Drive

The Jeep Liberty is a capable vehicle that handles life on and off-road with power and ease. If you are looking into off-roading, or just want some extra traction, you might be wondering how to set your Jeep Liberty into 4-wheel drive.

Setting your Jeep’s 4-wheel drive function is a simple process that can be completed in just a few easy steps. Using the knob under the steering wheel, users can adjust the car into low range, and then toggle the “4H” or “Hi” setting. 

If you want to learn more on how to set up 4-wheel drive, read further where we will cover this and more.

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What Is 4-Wheel Drive?

4-Wheel drive is a feature found in some cars that enables the engine to power the front and back sets of tires at the same time. Most cars only drive using the front wheels, but 4-wheel drive is a way to give a car or truck extra traction and power. 

4-Wheel drive is necessary for most heavy-duty jobs, like hauling or tackling certain road types. Some of the general benefits of 4-wheel drive are: 

  • Allows pulling heavy loads 
  • Increased traction 
  • Improved downhill safety when towing 
  • Extra traction on inclines and hills 
  • It can help if stuck in snow, mud, or sand

When To use 4-Wheel Drive

It isn’t always necessary to have your 4-wheel drive engaged. In fact, 4-wheel drive is not designed to be used at all times. You will find 4-wheel drive most beneficial when experiencing certain types of roads, or conditions. This can include wet roads, slippery ice, and mud. 

If you are not driving your Jeep under these conditions, it is recommended to engage front wheel drive only. 

How To Put Your Jeep Liberty In 4-Wheel Drive

If you’ve found yourself on an icy or slippery road, or off roads entirely, then you may want to engage 4-wheel drive. Below are the steps needed to change your Jeep Liberty to 4-wheel drive. 

Step 1

To switch to 4-wheel drive first make sure you are at a speed less than 55mph with the shifter set to “N”. Use the shifter to push the engine into high range by moving it from the “2H” setting to “4H.”

If setting the vehicle to low range 4-wheel drive, reduce speed to 2 to 3 miles per hour while shifting. With the Jeep still moving, move the shifter quickly into “N” and then into the “4L” position. 

Step 2

Shift the transmission back into drive and then slowly accelerate. If you have the engine engaged in low range, do not exceed 25mph or damage may be caused to the vehicle. And it’s as simple as that! 

Can I Shift Into 4-Wheel Drive While Driving?

You can switch into 4-wheel drive so long as you are driving slower than 60mph. If you are switching from 4H to 4LO, you will need to shift when the vehicle is much slower at 5mph. You will also need to have the Jeep in “N” and keep your foot off the gas pedal.  

Can I Turn Off 4-Wheel Drive While Driving?

If you are driving a newer Jeep, it is possible to switch from 4-wheel drive back into 2-wheel, provided you are moving slower than 60mph. Older Jeeps may require that you park the car, or engage it in neutral before turning off 4-wheel drive. 

4-Wheel Drive Modes

The different drive modes provide more specialized traction that is intended to tackle specific situations. To get the most out of your Jeep Liberty, it is important to know how and when to use the different modes. 

4-Wheel Drive High Range (4H)

Of the two main modes, this is the one you are most likely to end up using while driving on paved roads. This mode will provide extra traction on roads with loose gravel, or if you find yourself on dirt roads. This mode will also be useful to engage if you are driving in the rain or if roads become icy. 

4-Wheel Drive Low Range (4L)

This mode will likely be used less frequently than the high-range option, but that doesn’t make it any less useful! The low-range mode is ideal for situations where you need lots of extra traction. This option will use more fuel but is very useful for driving through rough terrain, heavy snow, or deep mud. 


Knowing which driving mode to select can be key for navigating a myriad of situations that can occur on the road or trail. Swapping to high range can help you to get through light rain and snow while maintaining speed. Alternatively, low range can be a lifesaver if you are navigating through deep mud, or forced to push your way through heavy snow and ice. 

Now that you know how and when to get your Jeep Liberty into 4-wheel drive, you will find your Jeep Liberty is even more powerful than you thought! 

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