Differences in the Jeep Quick Order Packages

The Jeep quick order packages are a fast and easy way to have your Jeep specially customized, without the hassle of needing to do the modifications yourself. Sounds great, but you’re probably curious about what exactly each package contains. 

Each of the Jeep Quick Order Packages delivers its own set of modifications suited for their own specialized tasks, some packages even modify the cosmetic appearance of the Jeep. Each quick order package brings the Jeep a unique character both in practical ways, and in style. 

Curious to discover what’s in the Jeep Quick Order Packages? We’ve compiled each pack below, so read on and see if one of these is the Jeep that you want!

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What Are Jeep Quick Order Packages

The Jeep Quick Order Package allows customers to select their choice of pre-customized vehicles, each of which is specced out for its own purposes with customized parts, and some with special paint jobs or even unique design quirks. 

If you are somebody who needs a little extra oomph than a stock model but doesn’t want to have aftermarket modifications installed then the quick order packages could be a good way to get some upgrades in. And for those who are comfortable with some aftermarket mods, a quick order package might be a good way to get some mods bundled ahead of time! 

The available Jeep Quick Order Packages: 

  • 2-B
  • 2-K Sport 
  • 2-S Sport 
  • 2-L Altitude 
  • 2-F Freedom 
  • 2-J Islander 
  • 2-W Willy’s

Different Available Quick Order Packages

While looking for a Jeep online, you may have noticed the sheer volume of options that are available to add to a Jeep. Having lots of options is great, but wouldn’t it be great to have a way to know which ones would work well together with the help of an expert? 

That is the reason why Jeep quick order is so popular, it helps to get the customer a thoughtfully customized Jeep, created by the experts with the customer’s needs in mind. Each package will cost its own variable fee, according to the customizations that they add Check out the available options below! 

Jeep 2-B

For the classic Jeep look and feel, the 2-B is the go-to choice. The 2-B is a no-frills option, essentially coming as a base package. The 2-B includes no added features, but also comes at no additional cost. 

Jeep 2-K Sport

The 2-k Sport package adds some additional features to the base model, making it tougher than your average stock Jeep. The additions include:

  • 17×7.5 Aluminum Wheels 
  • 4WD Gate Decal 
  • Anti Lock 4WD Brakes 
  • Black Grille 
  • Dark Tint Windows 
  • Matte Black Jeep Badge 

This package will come at an additional $2,000 to the base price of the Jeep. 

Jeep 2-S Sport

 For just a little bit more, the Jeep 2-S Sport package delivers big on the mods, providing some creature comforts, and additional performance benefits to boot. Get this package and your Jeep will be kitted with: 

  • 17×7.5 Aluminum Wheels 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Automatic Headlights 
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel 
  • Dark Tint Windows 
  • Remote Keyless Entry 
  • Heated Mirrors 
  • Powered Windows 

This package adds an additional $3,200 to the base price of the Jeep. 

Jeep 2-L Altitude

The altitude package is only available for the Jeep Cherokee, so to get this trim you first need to select an equippable vehicle. This package adds a nice mixture of quality of life and performance enhancements. These include: 

  • Anti-lock 4WD HD brakes
  • 18×7.5 gloss black aluminum wheels
  • Black accents inside
  • Deep tint windows
  • Heavy duty gas shock suspension
  • Powered heated mirrors
  • Remote keyless entry

This package adds an additional $5,195 dollars to the base price. 

Jeep 2-F Freedom

This option adds unique aesthetics and performance. Its add-ons are: 

  • American flag decal
  • 17×7.5 aluminum wheels
  • Deep tint windows
  • Trail-rated badge (black)
  • Leather seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Powered heated mirrors
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Matte black Jeep badge

This package adds $6,395 to the base price. 

Jeep 2-J Islander

This is a unique package with a recognizable addition of an islander Jeep badge, and a surf-inspired front decal. Other features include: 

  • 7-inch Uconnect 4 system
  • 17×7.5 silver aluminum w2heels
  • Air conditioning
  • Air filtration system
  • Apple carplay
  • Google Android Auto
  • Deep tint windows
  • Islander package
  • Leather-wrapped steering
  • Powered heated mirrors
  • Car alarm system
  • Unique Islander Seat Graphic 

This package adds $4,895 to the base price. 

Jeep 2-W Willy’s

Taking inspiration from the very first Jeep, the Willy’s is the ultimate package, providing heavy-duty off-road components, with classic Jeep branding. The Willy’s includes: 

  • 17×7.5 black aluminum wheels
  •  97mph max speed calibration
  •  Deep tint windows
  •  Voice Command
  •  Bluetooth
  •  LED headlights
  •  Leather-wrapped steering
  •  Willy’s hood deca

This package will add an additional $5,995 to the base price of the Jeep. 


Jeep gives their customers plenty of options to kit out their vehicle to their own liking. And with a long history of influences to draw upon, options can range from the everyday to the epic. Which Jeep Quick Order Package would you buy? 

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