The Cost to Lift A Jeep Wrangler (And What You Should Know)

How Much Does It To Cost to Lift A Jeep Wrangler

People lift a Jeep Wrangler for many reasons: to improve its off-road performance, to increase visibility, or to just look cooler. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering lifting your Wrangler.

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What Does It Mean to Lift A Vehicle

Lifting a vehicle is exactly what it sounds like. You literally increase its distance from the ground. By increasing the ground clearance of your Jeep, you can gain increased visibility and improved suspension and traction.

Let’s dig into the pros and cons of lifting your Jeep.

Benefits of Lifting A Jeep

Let’s talk business; lifting your Jeep comes with a long list of benefits.

Increased visibility. By lifting your Jeep, you will gain visibility, making it easier to enjoy your off-road trips safely.

Higher ground clearance. This comes in handy when driving through rough terrain to prevent any damage to your Wrangler’s undercarriage. It can also prevent you from getting stuck in deep snow or mud.

You can install bigger tires. Who doesn’t like bigger tires? Not only do bigger tires increase the cool factor of your vehicle, but they can also help you trek through treacherous terrain.

Cooler, rugged look. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, but who doesn’t think a Jeep that stands above everyone else on the road isn’t a beast of a vehicle?

Downsides of Lifting A Jeep

Lifting a Jeep may not be all gravy, however. Here are some cons to consider.

Not so convenient to get inside. Getting inside a taller Jeep could become an issue if you’re not above average height.

Higher fuel consumption. Lifting your Jeep or adding larger tires can directly increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption, causing you to spend more at the pump.

Higher center of gravity. Physics 101. The taller an object is the easier it is to knock over. This is true for a lifted vehicles as well, as they have an elevated risk of rollovers.

How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Jeep?

There are different ways and techniques to lift your Jeep. Depending on which you choose, the cost can vary significantly.

Here are some ballpark costs for different methods of lifting your Jeep Wrangler.

Body Lift: This is the cheapest option. Depending on the brand and quality, the body lift pieces will cost you between $200 and $1,000. Professional installation will cost around the same, so expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 in total.

Suspension Lift. This option is more expensive than a body lift. The lift kit can cost, on average, between $1,000 and $4,000. Again, this will depend on the brand and quality of the materials. The installation costs usually around $2,000. So, expect to pay between $3,000 and $7,000 for this option.

Tips for Lifting Your Jeep Wrangler

Body Lift

The Body lift will allow you to change the trim and tires. However, you won’t gain much more ground clearance.

Installing a body lift also means changing a few other parts depending on the model of your Jeep. For some models, you will need new bushings. Additionally, you will need brand new front bump stops and, in some models, you’ll need to remove coil springs. Last but not least, you will need radiator shroud relocation brackets.

Suspension Lift

With a suspension lift, the ground clearance will increase significantly. In addition, it will also provide better handling of your Jeep and potentially improve its safety. Depending on the model that you purchase, it can increase the ground clearance up to six inches.

Similar to the body lift, you may need to replace some parts when getting a suspension lift, such as adding larger coil lifts, bigger sway bar links, and also new shocks. In addition, you might want to extend the brake lines.

Lifting A Jeep: DIY or Hire A Pro

Like with any other customization, you have the option to do it yourself or hire a professional. The first option is clearly cheaper; however, it has its difficulties and downsides.

Do it Yourself

Obviously, one of the biggest pros of a DIY lift job is the cost. You only need to buy the tools and kits, so you’ll save on the cost of labor.

The downside is that if you don’t know what you’re doing you could accidentally damage your Jeep. Additionally, if your Jeep is still in warranty, by doing it yourself, you may void it.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional to install your lift kit is definitely a more expensive option, however, it’s usually a good one. An improperly installed lift kit can damage your vehicle, or even make it dangerous to drive.

Can Lifting A Jeep Cause Problems?

The only direct issue caused by installing a lift kit is reduced gas mileage. You’ll spend more on gas, and there’s no way around it.

However, if the installation isn’t done correctly, there can be further issues:

Handling and steering issues. If you don’t replace some parts, such as control arms and track bars, you may lose control of your Jeep. This is because raising a Jeep will change its center of gravity. A proper installation will prevent and take care of these issues.

Tire alignment. Since the lift will be affecting the axle and suspension, a tire alignment is a must after installing a lift kit.

Loss of power: You definitely don’t want to lose power on your Jeep, but this can occur if the lift kit installation isn’t done correctly and the axles aren’t regeared.

Our suggestion is always to get a professional to install your lift kit in order to avoid any of these issues.

Can You Choose How Much to Lift A Jeep?

This might seem trivial to most, but it’s a valid question. Yes, you can choose how tall you want the lift to be.

Some Jeep owners prefer to go low profile but still get a little lift. If you are among them, you can get a 2-inch lift. You will notice the lift without making your Jeep stand out too much.

However, if you want your Jeep to tower over other vehicles, then you can add up to 6 extra inches of ground clearance. Throw in some larger tires, and you got yourself a beast.

Now, the choice comes down to your needs and likes, but it’s good to have options.


Lifting not only looks cool but has many practical uses as well. You will get better visibility and increased ground clearance by lifting your Jeep. Also, if you choose to go for a suspension lift, you can improve your Jeep’s handling

If you have the time and money, it’s a worthy investment to improve your Jeep experience.

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