Coolster ATV: Common Problems & Issues

Coolster ATV: Common Problems & Issues

Coolster is one of the top Chinese ATV brands that have made it big in the North American market. It was originally introduced as the alternative solution to the more expensive options offered by the off-road industry. But does this more affordable brand come with its own share of issues too?

These ATVS became popular for a reason, they managed to strike a balance between approachability and affordability during a time where the American market had little knowledge about ATVs. Still they have some problems owners commonly have to put up with. 

If you are in the market for one of these off-road vehicles, or simply curious to learn more, then you’re in luck. Read on further below to discover some of the common issues Coolster ATV owners might experience. 

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Coolster ATV Background

The Coolster ATV was originally conceived by four Chinese friends returning home from an ATV outing. Their company states that having had so much fun on the trail, the four friends sought out to create their own ATV company in order to bring ATV off-roading to a wider audience. 

Coolster’s primary way of breaking into the market was through providing affordable options for young riders. Being a relatively untapped market, Coolster quickly made a name for themselves as an affordable yet quality option.

Listed below are some of the models of ATV created by Coolster. 

  • 110CC
    • ATV-3050B
    • ATV-3050
  • 125CC
    • ATV-3125R
    • ATV-3125C-2
    • ATV-3125CX-2
    • ATV-3125CX-3
    • ATV-3125XR8-U2
    • ATV-3125B2
    • Lander-XD 125UF
  • 150CC
    • ATV-3150CXC
    • ATV-3150DX-4
  • 170CC
    • ATV-3175S2
    • ATV-3175U

Who Is The Coolster ATV For?

Firstly, it’s important to mention that this ATV is designed for kids. Don’t buy this expecting to receive a high-powered machine, because it’s not. That being said, this thing is a hoot to ride around on for fun, and definitely will fulfill the needs of a young rider. 

This ATV is mostly recommended for kids aged between 7-11. Due to its small size, it will not be suitable for a heavier rider, or for rough trails where more power is required. 

The Coolster is made generally of plastic, some of which may be too cheap for riders who take to more rugged terrain, the metals and suspension, along with the rubber materials are also fairly flimsy, giving the impression that this machine is not designed for days long trips or serious excursions. 

However, this is ok, as this ATV really is for kids to learn on! This ATV will be powerful enough to teach a child how to ride, and surely they’ll have fun doing it, but don’t expect this ATV to bring the same qualities to the table as a more premium model. The Coolster does what it is made to do, and not a ton more! 

How Fast Is A Coolster ATV

Coolster ATV sells various models ranging from 110cc to 170cc. On average, a 110cc Coolster should have a top speed of around 30 mph. 125cc and 150cc models will be slightly faster at around 40mph, but with 150cc having a greater potential to go beyond this and closer to 50mph. The 170cc model is designed for work tasks and has a similar top speed. 

Being designed for younger riders, don’t expect any Coolster ATV to be overly speedy. Still, despite this, Coolsters can hold their own, and during excursions into the woods, can easily perform at a speed well suited to the task. 

Additionally, these things even include a remote stop function and speed lock for the doting parent out there! While this won’t be useful for riders looking to use and abuse these things for fun, if you plan on buying one of these for a child, safety functions like this are always welcome! 

Most Common Coolster ATV Problems

The Coolster is highly regarded as a reliable budget option for kids. But the Coolster is not free from running into issues. Before getting your own Coolster, here are some common issues to be aware of. 

Difficulty Starting Coolster ATV

It’s always unfortunate when your ATV won’t start, especially when it gets in the way of a good day on the trail. Sadly, difficult startups are a common occurrence with Coolster ATVs. This problem can be caused by various things but the most likely culprit is the spark plug. 

In order for the engine to run, we first need a spark. As the part responsible for this spark, the spark plug is essential to starting up your ATV’s engine. Check to verify that your spark plug is not broken, and fully plugged in. Visually check the spark plugs for rust, and if the spark plug seems broken, replace it with a new one. 

Another reason why your ATV may have trouble starting up may be related to the battery. Try checking the charge of your battery to rule this out as the reason for the difficult startup. Cold weather may also be to blame, and sometimes if you are lucky,  patience, along with a few startup attempts may be all you need to get it running. 

The Coolster ATV Is Low Powered

The Coolster ATV is designed with kids in mind. Because of this, those of us looking for more serious off-road power will surely be disappointed. I mean let’s be realistic here: this is a tiny ATV designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 11 years old, expecting serious power out of it may be slightly ludacris. 

Due to its design, it is also only recommended for drivers between 60 to 100 pounds maximum! While this should be totally acceptable for most kids, I think this likely cuts out the majority of adult riders. 

Coolster ATV Chain Issue

Another issue worth mentioning more related to the actual mechanical function of the ATV is an issue with the chain. Users report that Coolster ATVs unfortunately seem to come with a pretty cheap chain with a tendency to stretch out after multiple hours of use. A stretched chain is, of course, impossible to reattach and becomes effectively useless. 

To fix this, we recommend seeking an aftermarket chain. While this will take time and additional money, we find these chains are a higher quality, and worth the price if you plan on getting some quality time out of your Coolster. 


The Coolster line of ATVs are an exceptionally cool choice for riders between the age of 7 and 11 years old. While low in power and generally cheap on build quality, Coolster ATVs prove to be a fun and affordable quality that is perfect for kids who are passionate about off-roading. 

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